“Mr. Hoppen delivered a seminar to our members on the subject of Business Start-Up and I confirm that the lecture was well presented” J.E.L.U.S. (a charity helping the unemployed).

 “I remembered your comments about what I had done wrong when you marked my devolved assessment and took note of them to get things correct in the central assessment”

-A.A.T. student, who had struggled with producing correct extended trial balances, immediately after his exam.-My favourite all time testimonial. 

“You are a good teacher. Good Luck”-student at Bethnal Green Idea Store.

“Thanks for teaching us accounts– student at Bethnal Green Idea Store.

“Thanks for all the help”- student at Bethnal Green Idea Store.

“Thank you for imparting your knowledge in bookkeeping to us” student at Bethnal Green Idea Store. 

“I will keep him in mind if I ever require private tuition” Private student to teaching agency.

 “Have you got a teaching qualification, because you have been so good at teaching me?”-Comment in 1990/1991, following some staff training in spreadsheet applications that inspired me to obtain a teaching qualification to supplement my accounting qualification.

 “You are the best business teacher I have ever had”. Closing comment from an economics student, who had been taught privately, after he had been excluded from school in 2014.

“I have taken notice of your comments for my exam, and this time I have answered the question correctly “-November 1997-AAT central assessment paper sat at L.V.M.T. (This followed a number of comments I had made about mistakes in work that I had marked).

In August 2015, a student at Birmingham University needed some help with a re-sit in a management accounting paper, to be sat just over a week away. From an initial assessment his knowledge was very poor, and his chances of success were hopeless, as he lacked basic knowledge. After just over 7 hours of teaching, focusing on exam technique, and working on past exam papers, the student sat his exam and achieved a first-71%.

In a business administration class at Oaklands College (St. Albans) there were 3 students with learning difficulties, one of whom was aggressive towards a computer, when she could not get the computer to comply with what she wanted. While the rest of the class continued with their coursework, I spoke with these students individually to learn about their problems and to try to turn things around. They lacked self-esteem, and I encouraged them (with some of my own philosophy) that with determination they could achieve whatever they wanted to do, and convinced them that I had every confidence if they showed that resolve.