Relevant Professional Qualifications:
Chartered Association of Certified Accountants
Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
Aspire to achieve my potential.
I only really know something when I know what I don’t know.
However educated we may be, we should never stop learning.
Never cease to ask questions.
Teaching approach:
Brings a lesson to life. Caring. Altruistic. Good listener. Treats student as an individual.
Professional. Organised. Methodical. Systematic. Good planner.
Believes in educating (going beyond boundaries), rather than strictly
sticking to a boxed format (the difference between education and
learning). Varied delivery techniques. Up to date.
Personality: Honest. Ethical. Tactful. Discrete. Approachable. .
Good sense of humour. Reliable. Confident. Respectful.
Empathetic. Decisive. Assertive.

Claim to Fame

One incident which happened in September 1993 was that I had paid some cash in at a branch of my bank on the date when the bank completes its month-end calculations. I subsequently discovered that the amount did not appear on my bank statement until 2-3 days later and I had been charged for both an overdraft fee and interest, despite the fact that that cash banking would have covered an amount going out on the day that I banked the cash. When I questioned the bank about this they said that the banking was uncleared effects. I retorted that I had paid in cash, not a cheque and they had had the free use of my cash in the interim and were charging me. Not having any satisfaction from the bank, I responded to an article in a national Sunday newspaper and this was referred on to the BBC Money Programme on which I was interviewed. It transpired that the existing computer system used by the bank did not distinguish between cash and cheques, despite the amounts being clearly separated on their paying-in-slips. Eventually I received a refund of the interest and charges on my account, but even more importantly, the bank had to update its computer software, which has in turn led to the same day clearing, and credits onto the statements which banks offer today.