Mission Statement

Our business is focused upon training future accountants and bookkeepers as well as guiding younger students through business related subjects Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post-graduate Diploma, and Degree based courses, such as MBA. Other training includes A.C.C.A., C.I.M.A., C.A.T., Computerised Accounting (Sage Line 50) and Payroll (Sage).

In the past we have toyed with the idea of being one of those colleges who assist students to look for work. This is now illegal for foreign students who attend private colleges, and we now believe that for all students this is counter-productive towards their studies.

We have a commitment towards our students to help them towards exam success and we expect the same commitment in return. This does not preclude the helping of students to acquire work experience (e.g. in marketing), where this work experience will assist their studying. This work experience may also derive if we can set-up an A.C.C.A. training practice, but this is another issue.


Top quality professional training at different levels in Accountancy, Business Studies, Business Administration, Business Law, Business Ethics, Economics, and Computer Technology. There is also a focus on improving a student’s Key Skills and Personal Skills (such as negotiation skills, assertiveness and public speaking). The evidence can be found by feedback from our students and recommendations of new students by existing ones. Our principal and main lecturer has been paid an enormous compliment after a student had sat an examination. The student said “I remembered your comments about what I had done wrong when you marked my devolved assessment (A.A.T.) and took note of them to get things correct in the central assessment”. Another student studying Economics A’ Level, who had been excluded from school, stated “You are the best business lecturer I have ever had” Our lectures have been developed from years of practical experience and thus from practical case studies. Lectures are taken seriously at all times.

Vision and motivation

Our aims, which will benefit you as students are to become a Gold Standard training college with A.C.C.A .and C.I.M.A. This is very possible, because we have the right connections with A.C.C.A. This will derive through having a sufficient number of quality students. It is therefore up to you as students to prove your quality to us through commitment, punctuality, regular attendance, teamwork and doing all of the work your teacher requests for home and research.

You will be treated like adults and we expect you to behave like adults. In particular this means that we do not believe in spoon-feeding our students. The responsibility is yours to ensure that you do all the work provided to strict deadlines. It is as important to us as yourselves that you pass your exams, so please do not let us down.

It will also be possible for us to become an approved examination centre for the computerised exams.

What students will get for their Money (A.C.C.A. courses):

  • Qualified teaching, not just in the chosen subject, but also containing a teaching qualification that can select different ways of delivery.
  • Course includes tuition revision time.
  • Approximately 55 hours tuition per subject (we do not skimp on tuition time) and we aim to complete all the syllabuses.
  • Cost works out at under £7 per hour.
  • 10% discount for block booking (several levels at once)
  • With the exception of textbooks, all other lecture material is free.
  • Up to date lecture material.
  • Examination technique is considered crucial.
  • An honest assessment with no false promises of success.
  • Personal and friendly tuition.
  • Local tuition provision, rather than going to the City. Saving travel costs.
  • Conscientious and caring teaching that is not rushed, but will be at a pace that a student will enjoy.
  •  Bringing the lesson alive through teaching that will be practical and will go beyond the syllabus to provide students with information that will help them in working surroundings.
  • Most of all: A recognition that education is not a cost. It is an investment.


  • It’s strange that we often become so goal orientated that we miss out on students’ need to enjoy their learning