Warren Buffett’s recommendation to “hang out with people who are better than you”.

How dare Warren Buffett make a recommendation to “hang out with people who are better than you”. What does he mean “better than you?”. Does he mean more educated, richer, healthier, or is there some kind of racial or class undertone in this? I am unique. There is nobody better or worse than me. Nobody superior or inferior. We all have our special qualities and talents. There are two types of organisational pyramids, tall and flat. Has he only worked in the tall structures, where there are hierarchical overlords? Even the overlords are no better than the office cleaners. We all have contributions to make in work and in society. Where would the NHS be without its porters? Would the NHS be able to function without its porters, cleaners and the like? The trouble with statements like these is that one half does not know how the other half live, there is no communication.

I used to work for a world famous organisation that made gossamer contraceptives-you know who I mean. There were three arrangements for taking lunch breaks. Senior management would have their lunches with waiters/ waitresses in an internal restaurant type setting, middle management would have a self-service canteen, and an hour later the factory workers, predominantly black, would have their lunches in a filthy self service section. There was to be no communication between each section. How then could the company function efficiently? I was eventually sacked because I refused to get on with certain staff members who were openly National Front voters. Who could I take up a grievance procedure with?



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