Using your hobby as an educational tool

When I was at school, I used to learn my geography through the names of football clubs, especially those clubs with names that are not related to big cities, like Everton, Aston Villa, West Brom, and Tranmere. This was helped by taking travel maps from a the shop of a cousin, who ran a travel agency. My own team West Ham are currently based more in East Ham, until the end of this season, while Queens Park Rangers are nowhere near Queen Park on the Bakerloo line, not forgetting Arsenal’s original location in Woolwich and the fact that Chelsea are based in the Borough of Kensington, while Fulham are in Chelsea. I still don’t understand the location of Millwall to Millwall docks.. Until 1951 there used to be a league club called New Brighton, which were neighbours of Tranmere, rather than Brighton, and there are several Newport’s around the country. There is also no actual area called Crystal Palace. These examples can also be used to find out about clubs in Europe, such as Juventus being in Turin.

As a teacher, I use football examples to describe things in business studies, the latest example being to use the example of FIFA in respect of money laundering, while in terms of ethics, what about players (Robbie Fowler at Highbury) who have deliberately missed a wrongly awarded penalty? I also cite the case of Denis Law who scored from a wrongly awarded penalty at Upton Park, when Man Utd were leading 5-1.


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