We extend to you a warm welcome to Strategic Business Trainers.

We are committed to providing our students with a first class education and this is our objective. We provide highly qualified lecturers (with an extensive background of success) and we hope you will become highly qualified students. Learning is not easy, but it can be fun without being flippant and we will endeavour to ensure that you will have an enjoyable and productive experience. Your lecturer will be as serious about your education as you choose to be. Your teacher will be motivated, but if you lack motivation you will weaken that of your teacher. We do not offer idle promises or guarantees of exam success. Your success will be based upon the following criteria:-

  1. Hard work and commitment from both yourself and your tutor.
  2. First class tuition.
  3. Student responsibility for your own efforts (College has no time for “spoon-feeding”.
  4. A professional approach to your studies that will include attending all your lectures properly equipped with text books, calculators, writing paper, pens and USB Sticks where appropriate, plus being committed to doing your homework on time.
  5. Attendance at all of your lessons, plus punctuality (students who arrive late for lessons will leave your lecturer available to prevent you from entering that lesson at that time).
  6. Respect for your lecturer. Even if you feel you have learned very little in a particular class, just remember that however little you learn from your fellow being, that person should be honoured.
  7. Being assertive enough to question your lecturer at convenient points about issues you do not understand, rather than complaining later that you did not understand something (or anything).
  8. A consideration that a high percentage of your lecturers relevant knowledge will have been gained from his/her classroom interaction with you. Teachers learn from students as much as students learn from teachers. Nobody knows everything. Everybody makes mistakes.
  9. A consideration for everybody, bearing in mind the college’s equal opportunities policies in line with the Equalities Act 2010.

Added to the above, your knowledge will not only be supplemented by the material you have learned, but you will also be taught exam technique through which a lot of highly capable students would otherwise fail. In respect of exam technique, always aim for 100%, but do not expect to achieve it. If you aim for 50%, and make a mistake you will fail.

The cosmopolitan nature within and outside the College will offer you the opportunity to study and to mix with students (and others) from many countries. This may help you to develop lifelong friendships and business associates.

You will have an excellent opportunity to obtain qualifications which will help you in your career. However, you cannot assume that paper qualifications alone will be sufficient to enable you to obtain full-time employment. You will also need practical work experience and you can discuss with your tutor the opportunities available.

Our lecturers are rightly proud of their past successes and now we all want to be proud of you.